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From small to large, one of the consistently important aspects of garden design, is creating a garden that gels with its local environment.


The most successful gardens blend seamlessly into the local landscape.  It is a happy exchange of give and take: a garden in harmony with the landscape will frame it and not compete with it.  In return, a successfully framed landscape will 'lend' itself to the garden and become part of it.

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Left: We have tried to make the most of this small space with superlative views.  The quirky-yet-practical tiling of the old walls is in keeping with the surrounding canal-tiled roofs.  Little nods to traditional styles make all the difference to a garden blending in with its environment. 

Below: In small gardens particularly, it can be important to keep things simple.  This unfussy garden reflects the simple style of the house. Modern-looking finishes have been kept to a minimum, the newly-laid stone terrace is discreet, timeless and blends well with the stonework of the house. Period-style furnishings complement the period features of this old house.   



Left: When designing the terrace and pool, we took our cue from the colours of the stonework and shutters.

Below: These simple village gardens work well because the plush lawns mirror the verdant ivy on the walls and the uncluttered geometry of the landscaping complements the straight lines of the buildings. With their attractive stone walls, neighbouring buildings have been 'borrowed' to lend interest to the garden. 



Left and Below: Here are some good examples of gardens where planting, in particular, has be used to frame the landscape and link the garden with it.  The garden also borrows a sense of space from the countryside.











































































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