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Gardening in the Languedoc reflects the landscape, climate and lifestyle in this Southernmost region of France.

On a practical level, gardens usually address the needs of their owners, often incorporating shaded areas, swimming pools and some sort of terracing or decking.

Obviously, the planting reflects the warm climate we enjoy here, with many sun-loving varieties such as lavender, olive and fig.

The Languedoc offers a fantastic summer 'outdoor lifestyle' and we aim to facilitate the enjoyment of outdoor living to the maximum, and we can advise on how best to utilise your garden.  Increasingly, we find people want to use their gardens for more than just a daytime living environment... it is becoming a place they want to cook, relax, and spend their evenings, too.

The Languedoc offers many opportunities for the garden lover: different plants one is able to grow with ease, including fruits and vegetables such as figs, grapes, peppers and tomatoes bursting with flavour. 

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Below: The Languedoc has the optimum environment for many sun-loving plants


Below: In the countryside there is endless space for big gardens, whilst villages offer a picture-postcard backdrop to cute courtyard gardens.





















Below: Sumptuous Surroundings...


Below: Pools, with their Decks or Terraces are often at the heart of the garden... the focus of the fun and relaxation.


Below: And Indoor-Outdoor Lifestyle... cool, shaded areas are a respite from the hot sun of the high summer






































The region also presents a variety of garden environments: very large gardens, mountain-side gardens, and cute, pocket-sized village gardens.

Of course, the Languedoc is also incredibly beautiful, both in its countryside and in its quaint, slumbering villages, hewn from honey-coloured stone.  Gardens often enjoy fabulous views, and using our experience we aim to immerse gardens into the local environment by using harmonious plants and building styles.






























































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