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Although the area is not ideally suited to lawns, we have developed techniques using the correct soil and irrigation systems which produce good quality lawns for a reasonable cost.  Although turf is available, we have found that choosing the right sowing time and the right seed mix produces a better long term results.

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Earthworks/Ground Shaping

Lawn Laying

Orchards and Olive Groves


Below: Minervois Villa Garden Before and After Lawn was Sown and Established


Below: Examples of Lawns we have Laid or Sown


Below: This Minervois Garden was an abandoned old vineyard.  The old vines had to be taken up and removed, the area brush-cut and cleared, the rough, rutted ground re-worked and levelled before soil could be added and grass seed sown.  The final result is a garden with plush lawns.

Ornamental Woodland


Below:  Small  Minervois Garden, Before and After Being Re-Turfed


Below: Rural Garden, Before and After Brush-Cutting and Re-establishment of Grass




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