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I have French forestry management qualifications.  We work in in all types of site from forest plantations to courtyard gardens.  Most trees can be felled safely and easily using the appropriate technique but in more difficult cases a winch may be used or the tree is dismantled on site with the aid of a 'cherry picker' or by climbing.

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Brush-cutting / Clearing

Feeding and Mulching

Lawn-mowing and Care


Very tall trees and those in a built up area often require the use of a 'Cherry Picker' to allow safe access to high branches.

Below:  Specialist tree surgeons were brought in to cut down these trees that were growing dangerously close to a house.


Below: Pruning bigger trees and branches requires not only  cutting, but often involves a member of the team using a winch.

Most tree felling jobs are relatively safe and simple for our qualified and experienced team.  Below: This tree was casting unwanted shade and taking up space in this small garden.

Pests and Diseases



Pruning / Hedge-trimming


Tree Surgery

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